Boa Vista Social Club Estoril Beach Sal Rei Cape Verde

Safest Swimming Beach in Boavista

Safe Swimming on Estoril Beach

Boavista Social Club is situated on Estoril Beach only 10 minutes by foot from the main town of Sal Rei on Boavista island.

Sited directly in front of the island of Sal Rei in the bay of Sal Rei on Estoril Beach, Boavista Social Club has the safest location for swimming on the island.

The island protects swimmers from the big waves usually found on the beaches of the hotel resorts on the rest of the island so you are able to swim at leisure and enjoy the tropical sea.

During the summer at weekends Estoril Beach is popular with locals enjoying the safe swimming conditions, one of the island's best kept secrets.

As the bay is shallow Estoril Beach is an ideal swimming beach to visit with young children.

We are also close to some great snorkelling spots close to the island of Sal Rei.